Side effects of oral glutathione

by Khea Mae A. Carcasona

I am taking oral glutathione for 5 days. As what have noticed, I experienced LBM (Lose Bowel Movement) 2-3 times a day. And when I woke in the morning.I feel so dizzy. I'm having headaches. And when I ate my meal, I cannot finish it at all. This oral glutathione I am using is from a popular brand and it has many stores here in Philippines. From what I have read, glutathione has a big help in detoxifying. Since this is my first time using oral glutathione, is my condition now normal? I badly need your answer. Thank You !

Dear Khea,
There are no known side effects from taking oral glutathione, good or bad, unless of course there is something else in the product that is making you sick. I would discontinue use, and if you wish to raise your glutathione, use a clinically proven glutathione enhancer such as Immunocal. You won't have these side effects with Immunocal.

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