What would be the risk or benefit of glutathione for people with MS ?

by Jacquie

What connection is there between glutathione and Multiple Sclerosis? I am a colleague of Dr. Jimmy Gutman, who is the world's most published author on glutathione, and he indicates that glutathione is impaired in this disease. So some benefits may be seen from raising a patient's glutathione levels. How and why? Here is what Dr. Gutman has to say about the research thus far on glutathione and Multiple Sclerosis in his book "Glutathione - Your Key to Health":

"Multiple sclerosis is a difficult disease to study because its spontaneous remissions and relapses make it very unpredictable. It is therefore hard to correlate any sort of intervention with changes in a patient's condition. In order to be statistically significant, prospective trials would have to include hundreds of subjects.

However, certain findings have been demonstrated consistently in multiple sclerosis patients. The breakdown products of oxidative stress are present in large numbers, and the level of free radical formation corresponds to the severity of the MS attack. Furthermore, glutathione activity is clearly impaired in this disease.

Also, individual tissues suffer less free radical damage when antioxidants and glutathione therapy are used. Although not a cure, many authors have suggested that reduced oxidative damage would help MS patients, and suggest in particular the helpful role of elevated glutathione levels."

So to answer the question, what would be the risk of raising glutathione for people with MS? None. The only possible side effect may be a rare detoxification rash in some individuals, since glutathione is also a detoxifier. The only people that cannot take glutathione precursor are those who are on immunosuppressive drugs or have an allergy to milk protein. It can be taken with any medication, and the lactose and casein have been removed.

You can view the complete PDR listing here by visiting the Glutathione Precursor page here.

What are the benefits of glutathione precursor for a person with MS? Raised glutathione levels which can help reduce oxidative damage, which is a factor in the progression of MS.

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