Why Can't I Just Call You With My Questions?

Great question. When my readers have a question, they want the answer to be 3 things: factual, fast, and free . If everyone called me with their questions, I wouldn't be able to give everyone these three things. So, it is my pleasure to provide just what you want and need - factual, fast, and free answers to your questions 24/7.

How do I do this? Well, I can't answer the phone 24/7, but my website can and does speak for me and is always available for you. I get far more requests than I can personally handle each day, so phone consults are best reserved for questions that have not already been answered or for existing customers or consultants.

In this way, everyone gets what they need. Many of the questions people ask are already answered on my 200+ page site, so you can just use the search box and type in your question and get the answers you need right away automatically here. Instead of being spur of the moment answers, everything I publish has been thoroughly researched beforehand, providing factual answers for everyone to benefit from.

Phone consults are reserved for those that qualify, and are scheduled in advance. Following this process ensures that everyone that needs and qualifies for a consult, gets one.

So, feel free to use the search box, then, when you are ready to order, you may do so here. Once your order is received, I will call you for a free follow - up consultation.

If you'd like a phone consult first, and your question is not answered on my site, please read this page first and follow the prompts here.

Setting it up in this way enables me to have the time I need to spend with those who most need it, such as customers dealing with a serious illness, or consultants working on my team to build an income stream for themselves and their families.

Your purchases help me to continue to provide this information, support, and consultations free of charge. I am a full time volunteer minister, and work this business part time to support my ministry.

Thanks in advance for helping me to help you- factually, fast, and free!

Good Health To You!

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