Why Take Immunocal Daily?

Immunocal does one thing- it raises glutathione in your cells. Since your body requires glutathione to do its many positive tasks in the body, you are constantly using your stores of glutathione. So they need to be replenished.

Glutathione is in every cell of your body, you'd be dead without it, and you need to keep your levels high for optimal health. So you take Immunocal daily just as you would drink water, eat food, and take your vitamins daily for optimal health.

Glutathione is not a vitamin, but I encourage you to look at it as you would a Vitamin C. You take Vitamin C every day for maximum effect, since the body uses it up on a daily basis. It's very similar with glutathione. I've taken Immunocal every single day for the last 5 years, and I wouldn't dream of missing even one day!

You can sign up for convenient monthly, money saving delivery of Immunocal so you never run out. Here's how:

To choose the convenient monthly AutoShip or ImmunoDirect option and get a 20% discount, which is the way I've been getting my Immunocal for the last 5 years, click here, and where it says "you are eligible for a discount", click the orange "Click here for details".

Choose option 2, ImmunoDirect, and the agree box. Then "Get Started Now" and "Continue Shopping". Everything in your cart will now be at the 20% discount.

Then proceed to checkout. Your first order will ship within 24 hours of placement during the week, and ship thereafter on the day you choose each month.

If you are over 40 and in good health, I suggest 2 boxes of Immunocal a month. For more specific dosing instructions, click here.

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