Will Glutathione Help With Schizophrenia?


Yes. Here's why:

Dr. Jimmy Gutman explains in his latest bestseller "Glutathione - Your Key To Health" in Chapter 20- "Psychoneurobiology:"

"As our understanding of the brain has evolved, we have begun to appreciate the intricate interweave of psychiatry, neurology, and biochemistry. These fields have overlapped and melded into psychoneurobiology, an integrated medical science that has already yielded important advances in the recognition and treatment of many brain disorders.

Free radicals and oxyradicals have been recognized by pshychoneurobiologists as playing an important role in the development and progression of many of these disorders. The brain is particularly susceptible to free radical attack because it generates more oxidative by-products per gram of tissue than any other organ.

The brain's main antioxidant is glutathione - it's importance cannot be overstated. Oxidative stress and glutathione are important factors in such various disorders as
brain injury, neurodegenerative disease, schizophrenia, Down syndrome and other pathologies dealt with here and in other chapters...

The Greek translation of schizophrenia is "split mind", and may be misleading. The disorder should not be confused with split personality or multiple personality disorder. It is a different illness characterized by psychosis - a severe disturbance of normal thought, perception, speech, and behavior... A schizophrenic patient often suffers from delusions, auditory or visual hallucinations and paranoid thoughts not based on reality...

Most specialists will agree that the symptoms stem from a disturbance of normal brain chemistry... It has long been known that glutathione levels are lower in schizophrenic patients.

Researchers have consistently demonstrated an increase in their oxidative stress and a decrease in their glutathione status. GSH levels even correspond to the severity of the disease...

It appears that sustained GSH levels may slow the progress of schizophrenia and decrease the side effects of some of the drugs used against this disease."

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