Can I Take Glutathione with Vitamin C and E And Does It Work?

Is it okay to take glutathione 300mg even if I'm taking Vitamin E 400 IU and Vitamin C 500 mg?

Taking oral glutathione will not have any effect on your glutathione levels.

If you raise your glutathione using building blocks or precursors, this will have a synergistic effect on the Vitamin E and Vitamin C that you are taking. So not only is it okay to take these nutrients, they are also necessary co-factors for intracellular glutathione production. That means you should take these when you are trying to raise your glutathione.

The amounts you are taking are within recommended guidelines. These are external antioxidants, and taking glutathione will recycle them and make them work longer and more effectively.

According to Dr. Jimmy Gutman, world's most published author on the subject, the necessary co-factors for glutathione production are Selenium, B-Complex, and Vitamin E. You also need trace amounts of Magnesium, Vanadium, and Zinc. A high quality multiple vitamin and mineral along with your choice of cysteine, either N-Acetyl-Cysteine or bonded cysteine, should cover your bases.

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