Does glutathione help get rid of pimples?


Glutathione has many functions in the body. One of its main functions is to detoxify or remove poisons from your body.

Toxins or poisons are removed through your urine, bowels, and sweat. When you have pimples, it is your body's way of removing toxins through your skin.

So raising your glutathione may initially cause pimples to form, and this is a good thing, since you are removing stored toxins from your body.

With continued use of a glutathione enhancer like Immunocal, though, your skin should clear up as your toxin load is reduced. This along with plenty of water as a vehicle for the toxins to be removed will work the best. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day, if you can, and if you have access to alkaline water, all the better.

You can learn more about glutathione and detoxification here.

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