Does Glutathione Protect From Skin Cancer?


Yes, glutathione (GSH) has a protective effect in all skin conditions, including skin cancer.

Note what Dr. Jimmy Gutman, world expert on the subject of glutathione, has to say about cancer in general in his latest bestseller, "Glutathione - Your Key To Health", on page 68:

"There are many types of cancer, and perhaps hundreds of potential causes, but most cases are accompanied by poor antioxidant defenses...Undenatured, bioactive whey proteins are an ideal way to increase GSH levels and simultaneously address protein requirements.

Elevated glutathione replenishes antioxidant defenses, contributes to synthesis and repair of DNA, and helps detoxify numerous carcinogens and mutagens.. "

Regarding Sun and Ultraviolet Radiation Skin Damage, note Dr. Gutman's further comments about skin diseases on pages 195:

"Low glutathione levels characterize many skin diseases. Practical applications with GSH-raising substances have been studied in the treatment of several diseases...GSH is of extreme importance as a protective agent against ultraviolet radiation of the sun."

The undenatured, bioactive whey protein referred to here is Immunocal. It has been clinically researched and proven to raise glutathione levels.

So whether we are looking at skin cancer from the angle of a cancerous condition, or a skin condition, or both, there is plenty of research to indicate that glutathione assists as an antioxidant, DNA repairer, detoxifier, and to protect the skin on an cellular level.

You may also enjoy reading 61 year-old Charles' story. He loved being in the sun, but this affected his skin condition and he ended up with some pre-cancerous lesions. Find out what he did here.

You can order Immunocal here.

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