Glutathione Synthetase Deficiency

by Charlotte

I was diagnosed with glutathione synthetase deficiency, which means I was born without the genes to produce glutathione. I take IV glutathione shots twice a week at 750mg a shot. If I do not get the shots, I become very ill. I feel though, that I need more support, and that the shots are still not enough.

I've tried supplements that are supposed to elevate glutathione, but because of my genetic condition, I get no benefits from them. Do you know of any other treatment treatment that might be helpful for me?


Thanks so much for your question. I may know of something that will help you. Much depends on the true nature of your condition.

I've written a page about true glutathione synthetase deficiency, and you can read more about this here.

If you are truly unable to manufacture glutathione, then IV glutathione shots are the best way I can recommend for you. Inhaled or nebulized glutathione will work for you as well. Unfortunately, it has limitations that Immunocal does not have.

However, this condition of glutathione synthetase deficiency is extremely rare, and I would suggest trying Immunocal to see if you have the same or better results. Then you will know for sure. If it doesn't work for you, we have a 30- day, no hassle, 100% return policy.

You can order Immunocal here. To qualify for a 20% or 30% discount on your order, please click here.

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