Is Glutathione an effective antioxidant, and does it make my skin whiter?


Is glutathione an effective antioxidant? Yes, it is the body's master antioxidant and recycles all other antioxidants that you take in.

Does it make your skin whiter?

Probably not. Oral glutathione has no effect. You must take in the building blocks, such as N-acetyl-cysteine that is in the formula mentioned above, or bonded cysteine as in Immunocal. This allows your cells to make glutathione in the cell. There are other precursors that are not as well researched as these two, and also co-factors that need to be taken as well.

There is very little published research indicating that raising your glutathione will lighten your skin. I know dozens of people who have raised their glutathione for more than 10 years and none of them have reported any skin lightening as a result.

Glutathione's main effects are antioxidant, immune system optimization, detoxification, energy restorer, and antiaging protein.

This is according to the world's most published author on the subject, Dr. Jimmy Gutman,MD,FACEP.

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