Is It Safe To Take Glutathione Without A Prescription?

I just gave birth 3 months ago. My armpit, thighs and belly darkened during my pregnancy. I heard that glutathione pills can whiten your skin. Is it safe to take these pills even without a prescription? Will it really whiten or at least remove the dark spots in my skin? What are the other good and bad effects of glutathione?


Glutathione pills will not whiten your skin. The best way to raise your glutathione is to take the building blocks for your body to make it in your cells.

It is safe to take glutathione pills without a prescription, because they have no effect, they are destroyed in your digestive tract. It is safe to take the building blocks for glutathione production with products such as Immunocal, because glutathione is a beneficial protein in each of your cells and only has positive effects.

There are no known negative side effects to glutathione, since it occurs naturally in your body, and you cannot live without it. Please click on the links above for further information.

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