Is it safe to take vitamin E when you’re taking glutathione?


Yes, however, it depends what you are taking it for if you want it to be effective.

If you are taking oral glutathione to raise your glutathione, it won't work, as it will be destroyed in your gut.

So taking Vitamin E with Glutathione will raise your Vitamin E levels, and that is a safe thing to do.

If you want to raise your glutathione, you need to take the precursors or building blocks for your cells to make it. A bonded cysteine supplement like Immunocal will raise your glutathione.

In addition to this, Dr. Jimmy Gutman, world's most published author on the subject of glutathione, has written some information on the subject in his bestseller "Glutathione - Your Key To Health".

He advises that you also need to take several co-factors, which include vitamin E. Here he recommends between 100-1200 IU Vitamin E each day along with your chosen precursor. A high quality multiple vitamin and mineral, like the one Immunotec makes, will cover all of your co-factor bases.

So taking Vitamin E and glutathione precursors is not only safe, it is recommended.

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