Is N-acetyl-cysteine better than taking glutathione supplements?

I don’t want to be "white", I just want to even and brighten my skin tone. I have tried L-glutathione, but the guy at the health food store said N-acetyl-cysteine would actually be better for raising my glutathione levels because it stays in the body longer. I even heard just Vitamin C alone will brighten and even skin tone. So what's the best answer for me?


N-acetyl-cysteine is better than taking oral glutathione because N-acetyl-cysteine raises your glutathione, and oral glutathione will not.

However, it is not your only choice, nor is it necessarily your best choice. NAC is a drug with potentially toxic side effects, and is not recommended for infants, children, and pregnant and nursing mothers. You can read more about glutathione side effects here.

Glutathione pills are destroyed in your gut, they won’t do a thing for you except lighten your wallet, not your skin. You can learn more about glutathione pills here.

There is a list of all the ways to effectively raise glutathione based on Dr. Jimmy Gutman’s bestseller on this website here.

Dr. Gutman is the world’s bestselling author on the subject, and has sold more books about glutathione then all other authors combined. He has thoroughly studied the subject and recommends a bonded cysteine supplement to raise glutathione called Immunocal.

To raise glutathione, you must take the precursors or building blocks for your cells to raise it. Even when your glutathione levels are high, it is questionable that you will change your skin’s melanin content. I know hundreds of people that have kept their glutathione levels high for years, and not one of them have reported that their skin is lighter as a result.

Glutathione will protect your skin cells from sun damage, though, due to the antioxidant capabilities it possesses. So from that standpoint, it will help to prevent sun damage which shows up as a tan or darker skin tone.

Immunocal is the most effective, safe, and natural way to raise and sustain your glutathione.

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