What About Published Studies on Liposomal Glutathione?

by Laura McCallum
(Phoenix, AZ)

Recently, I referred to some published medical studies on liposomal glutathione in response to inquiries I had been receiving about liposomal glutathione and its effectiveness.

I wasn't able to fit all comments on the original page here, so please find the research along with corresponding comments from Dr. Jimmy Gutman continued on this page.

Dr. Jimmy Gutman is the world's most published author on the subject of glutathione, and his latest bestseller "Glutathione- Your Key To Health" is now available worldwide and is in it's 4th edition.

It is well known that Dr. Gutman is the senior medical advisor for Immunotec Research, and recommends Immunocal as a result of his personal research and convictions, so as he mentions below, the gold standard is to do your own research with double-blind, randomly selected, placebo-controlled studies in human beings. Time will tell if research produces this for liposomal glutathione in the future.

Here are the PubMed studies I referred to, along with corresponding comments from Dr. Jimmy Gutman:

Liposomal-glutathione provides maintenance of intracellular glutathione and neuroprotection in mesencephalic neuronal cells.

Dr. Gutman: "This is a rat cell culture study. The cells were poisoned with paraquat and then directly bathed in liposomal glutathione. Very difficult to apply this to human physiology."

Anti-oxidant and anti-atherogenic properties of liposomal glutathione: studies in vitro, and in the atherosclerotic apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.

Dr. Gutman:

Please recall that rodents can eat glutathione and raise their body's glutathione level. I'm not surprised they can absorb liposomal glutathione as well.

Reduction of oxidative stress marker in lung fluid of preterm infants after administration of intra-tracheal liposomal glutathione.

Dr. Gutman:

"Nothing really new here. Aerosolized glutathione works. This is already well established. Instilling intratracheal liposomal glutathione would have to work. Note that the researchers did not comment on any clinical improvement."

Hepatic lipid peroxidation: caused by acute drug intoxication, prevented by liposomal glutathione.

Dr. Gutman:

"This is a classic study where animals are given toxic doses of acetaminophen and then rescued with different glutathione-related agents. The clear winner back in the 70's turned out to be NAC, which is why we use it in the emergency room for Tylenol overdose. Incidentally, the majority of MaxGXL's "ribocysteine" was done using this model in mice, rats, and other unfortunate rodents (no humans)."

A clinical trial of glutathione supplementation in autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Gutman:

"Wow! This one actually surprised me. I know the authors and they are very credible. If I were to critique the study shooting from the hip - it is not blinded, it is not placebo-controlled, and the end-points are strictly biochemical measurements and not clinical measurements (behavior, etc.). Nevertheless, I will try to get a complete copy of the study and study the details.


The gold standard remains a double-blind, randomly selected, placebo-controlled study in human beings."

Dr. Jimmy Gutman, MD, FACEP

Immunocal is the most effective, safe, and natural way to raise and sustain your glutathione. The research done on Immunocal fits the above criteria. The best place to start with your own research is to visit PubMed and type in Immunocal.

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