Glutathione Allergy?

by Macky
(United Arab Emirates)

After taking glutathione last month for 5 days, I found I was allergic to it, with a reaction from my legs to my stomach. Should I continue to take the glutathione capsules?



Taking glutathione pills alone will not raise your glutathione. I am not aware of any possible reactions from glutathione pills, but that is possible if there are other ingredients in the pills that I may not be aware of. It is possible you are sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in the capsules.

In some cases, glutathione pills have ingredients that actually do raise your glutathione, and if some of these ingredients were in the pills, it is possible that you suffered a detoxification rash, but that sounds unlikely given the information you have provided. If it were a detoxification rash, it would go away within a few days. But this reaction is quite rare.

Your best bet is to stick with one of the ways to raise glutathione listed here.

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