Is It Ok To Take Glutathione When You Have Fatty Liver Disease?

by Leo

My husband has this fatty liver problem (due to alcohol) and I am thinking of giving him glutathione as a supplement. Is it ok to do this?


It is fine to give your husband oral glutathione (GSH) as a supplement, but it will not raise his glutathione or assist his liver function, as it will be metabolized in the digestive tract.

The best way to raise your glutathione is by giving your body the building blocks it needs to make it in your cells. You can learn all about glutathione pills, what they do and do not do, here.

The benefits of glutathione in your cells are summed up by An IDEA: Antioxidant, Immune System Optimizer, Detoxifier, Energy Restorer, and AntiAging Protein. You can learn more about glutathione here.

If your husband uses one of these ways to raise his glutathione, this is not only OK, but it will improve his liver function. Glutathione is naturally highest in the liver and kidneys, the main organs of detoxification. Note what Dr. Jimmy Gutman has to say in his latest bestseller "Glutathione- Your Key To Health" in the conclusion to his chapter about the liver and glutathione:

"The liver is the largest and most complicated organ in your body. It is intimately linked to a myriad of factors affecting health and illness. GSH is a key constituent of proper liver function. Low GSH levels invite a host of toxicological and immunological diseases. High levels offer protection against these maladies."

One well researched source of the glutathione precursor bonded cysteine is Immunocal.

Immunocal is the most effective, safe, and natural way to raise and sustain your glutathione.

You can order Immunocal here.

Good health to you and your husband!

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